July 22, 1941 is a drawing series that recreates every piece of visual information from the only known film footage of Anne Frank, a 6 second film that was shared on You Tube in 2009. The original was shot on 8 mm film at 18 frames per second, a total of 98 individual frames containing Frank's image. The project recreates the 98 frames, emulating the grainy quality of each image which is the result of the film, camera, and quality of light as the original was shot, as well as the process of digitization in order to upload the clip to the web. The installation of all 98 drawings allow all the visual information included in the finite archive of the only existing moving image of Anne Frank to be viewed simultaneously, an attempt to arrest and suspend a fleeting everyday moment captured over seventy five years ago.

Still from July 22 1941/2011, 16 mm film

Still from July 22 1941/2011, 16 mm film


Accompanying the drawing project is a short film shot at the site of the original. The film was shot using a Bolex camera on 16mm film. It attempts to mimic the camera movement and perspective of the original frame by frame.


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